A decentralized
job-sharing & freight marketplace for the Oil & Gas  industry.

EusoTrip™️ digitizes opportunities for the movement of bulk carrier and liquid loads. Our Job-sharing marketplace sources the best drivers and suppliers to provide an end to end supply chain for the oil and gas, bulk carrier and liquid trucking industry. EusoTrip™️ utilizes machine learning and Helium blockchain based smart contracts to significantly improve load matching in-efficiencies in time, Proof of Trip (PoT), providing a faster collection of payment to your wallet and bank account.



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Seamless load matching for independent contractors

Marketplace Platform

Our marketplace vets, sources the best driver and suppliers to provide an end to end supply chain for the freight and job sharing industry.


In the future reimagined in the EusoTrip present, the marketplace seamlessly uses automated documentation exchange and 80% faster payment settlement so you can spend your money where it matters most.


EusoTrip utilizes Encrypted transactions and document exchange on a shared ledger for the trust of our partners, our catalysts, and shareholders.


Our platform performs transparent transaction records on a distributed ledger which in turn keeps our partners and  catalysts in full compliance job to job.

Fraud Proof

The marketplace has implemented a rigorous automated verification process and smart contracts allow a complete audit trail of all changes.

Commission based model

Higher margins



Suppliers "Partners" will pay a 10% fee per transaction



Drivers "Catalysts" will pay a 3% fee per transaction



Platform maintainance fee per each transaction


savings on average

The most important moving parts of our platform are our partners and catalyst. With innovative smart contract feature, we eliminate unnecessary intermediary parties

Feels great in low-light environments.

It works great with Dark Mode with endless experience in low-light environments.

Dark Mode - ON

Easily browse and use the app in low light settings. Even during a late drive the app adapts to your local settings.

3x The Experience

Smooth interface that allows a cohesive and pixel perfect design.

The Team

Mike "Diego " Usoro
Chief Executive Officer
Nargiza Mashuri
Chief Operations Officer
Cedric Ihegword
Chief Technology Officer

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